golf betting

Golf betting can be a bit overwhelming if you are a new player. Betting on outright players to win a single golf tournament can seem very overwhelming as the odds are oftenextremely high. Even the favourites will often go off at 10 to 1 meaning betting £10 on the favourites could return hundreds of pounds profit if it comes in.

Personally I recommend betting on big outsiders and going each way. This means you are betting on a golfer to finish in the top six positions. More recently we have tipped hundred to 1 winners each way which have come in, so a £10 bet would return £1000 for the win plus a further £250 for the place if you bet £10 each way for a total of a £20 bet. Betting each way usually pays around six places with quarter odds meaning you get paid quarter of the amount of the win if your player finishes in the top six positions. If he wins you also get the win part which pays out as normal plus the place part.

It pays to shop around when placing bets on golf as your odds vary greatly especially if you want to bets on a few outsiders. Betting on a favourite you will find the odds very about 20% to 30%. Betting on an outsider your odds can vary from 60 to 1 to 200 to 1. This means a diference of £1400 in value. It pays to use sites like oddschecker to compare the odds as well as find out which sites are offering the best each way terms. Some sites will pay five places on the US Masters while other sites may pay up to 10.

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