Matched Betting

Matched betting is becoming more and more popular in the UK as thousands of people who are looking for a part-time income or students looking to supplement their loan turn to it in order to make an income. Matched betting is simply when you sign up to a new sports book in order to obtain their welcome bonus. The signup bonuses are offered by every sports book in the UK and range from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds.

Simply put what you will need to do is sign up to a sports book such as bet365. Then once you have claimed a bonus you will simply start placing bets while laying it off on Betfair. If you do not have an account with Betfair then you should sign up now as it is a great resource for sports betting and match betting enthusiasts.

By using Betfair exchange you can lay certain markets. This simply means you are betting against a certain markets happen. For example if Manchester United play Arsenal and you lay Arsenal then you are betting on either Manchester United or the draw to come in. By using Betfair exchange and laying you can combine this with free bets and bonuses to completely reduce any risk you take when signing up for a new account and taking a bonus.

Each signup bonus is different. Some sports books will offer free bet tokens while others offer cash bonuses which will be unlocked when you start wagering money. Remember to read the terms and conditions with any signup bonus you take to ensure you don't break any terms. Most sports books won't allow you to place bets on markets where there can be a push. A Push is when you simply get a refund on certain events happening for example on Asian handicaps or draw no bet options in football.

Bet365 have been around for years and offer new players the biggest welcome bonus in the world!

Matched betting allows you to get a guranteed profit by signing up to various sportsbooks!